Guest Performer

Studio De S


Singapore’s best dance and vocal crew Studio De S has been confirmed to perform at this year’s Korean Night Festival! Studio De S consists of the all Korean dance team De S Crew and Australian/Korean Artist Jay Song who has just released his debut single in Singapore. Catch them at this year’s Korean Night Festival!

For more information on Studio De S, Visit their facebook and website here:

Ildo Taekwondo

Did you know that Taekwondo (태권도) literally means “The Art of the Hand and Foot”? Because Tae (태) means “to destroy with the feet”, Kwon (권) is “to strike/punch with hands or fists” and Do (도) is “art” or “way”!
For more information on Ildo Taekwondo, visit their website here:

Kenneth Bay

A yoyo is not just a child’s toy anymore. Kenneth will be performing familiar yo-yo tricks as well as more stylish and advanced moves during the festival! Enjoy the show and keep a look out for a little surprise near the end of it! ^^


두 여자

“안녕하세요! 두 여자 입니다! As the name implies, we are two girls who love kpop and singing. With Chewy the guitarist and Poh Ying the vocalist, we hope to enchant you with our serenade! Do show us some love and support! 감사합니다!” – 두 여자 (Two Girls)

Sir Vanity

“Hi! My name is Sir Vanity and I am not just a dancer, nor am I just an entertainer, I am a performer! I strive to make each and every one of my performances fun and enjoyable to watch! I have many concepts that I love to try and am always doing my best to improve and upgrade each and every performance that I do. I hope that you will enjoy my performances and dance with me! ” – Sir Vanity


“Tenacity, which is the quality displayed by someone who just won’t quit, is a 7-member dance crew formed in March 2013. It is actually a collaboration project between the 5 members of D5VILS (Shihui, Raycia, Ros, Tania and Iris), Reon and Munirah. We aim to break out of the norm and through our dance, express that girls can display strong personalities too.” – Tenacity

De S Elites

“We sing the songs for the soul, be ready.” – De S Elités


We are T.K.O -ToTaL KnocK OuTz!!!!
5 of us have been dancing on and off together for 4 years now. This year we’re trying something new and this will be our first!
From Hip Hop to Krump and now it’s Kpop.
We’re Fierce We’re Cool. We’re definitely Entertaining.
So, are you guys ready for T.K.O??? Letz Go!!!” – T.K.O (Total Knock Outz)

Sian Yeo

“Sian is 16 and loves dancing! Her favourite K-pop dances include those by INFINITE, EXO, f(x), B.A.P, TEEN TOP, SISTAR, and BOYFRIEND. Sian is pronounced “Shan”, not “Xian”, “Cyan”, or “Si An”. When she’s not dancing, she’s probably eating, sleeping.. Or teaching her parents to
recognise Super Junior members!” – Sian Yeo

Benjamin Koh

“Singing is my greatest passion. I fell in love with the Korean language when I heard my first Korean ballad. It’s amazing how their music has so much emotion!” – Benjamin Koh

Double X

943103_516561208391346_2081704431_n“Double X, representing all girls in all sizes! A newly formed group which is made up of members that came from different backgrounds but got together for the love of K-POP and dancing. Through their dances, they portray the multiple sides of what they are able to do. Keep a look out for them and enjoy their performance!” – Double X


“Formed in 2011, CL1MAX is an nine-member dance crew specializing in K-pop dances. We have taken part in various competition and events, Namely Groove with Kpop dance battle and Teens Supreme 2012, emerging as first and third respectively. ” – CL1MAX

Cat Kulkarni

“안녕하세요! My name is Cat Kulkarni. I’m originally from Philadelphia, USA and have spent time in London and India prior to moving to Singapore three years ago. Currently I’m a student at Daehan Korean Language Center. I hope you enjoy my performance and check out my blog which
should be up and running mid-June! 감사합니다!” – Cat Kulkarni

Hyper Federation

“A collaboration between Hyper Saint and R-Federation! This is our very first collaboration, so be prepared as we bring you songs that we have danced to as well as newer pieces. Sit back and hold on to your seats as we will be giving you guys a damn good show to watch!” – Hyper Federation


“I first stepped on stage at the age of 5, and have loved performing ever since. I’ve competed in various competitions and represented Singapore in an international Korean talent contest. I’m performing for KNF because I love to entertain. I write songs, and I’ve started taking up learning instruments too, aside from dance. I hope to be in the music industry one day. In the meantime, I’m happy doing what I do. Hope you’ll enjoy my performance!” – Maressa

Youngest Duo

“As our name suggests, we are the youngest crew competing at the 5th Korean Night Festival! Youngest Duo consists of Xing Hao and Sky who share the same love for dancing. We may not be professional dancers but we’ll do our very best to bring you a great performance! ” – Youngest Duo

Stay tune here for more information about our performers for Korean Night Festival 5


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