Our Booths

booth collage

Want something more than just a concert? Don’t Worry! We have many activities planned for you!

Screening of Kpop Videos

We will be screening Kpop Videos on the large screen in the warehouse to welcome you to Korean Night Festival 5. Watch your favourite Girl Groups like 소녀시대, 2NE1, or Boy Bands like 빅뱅, B2ST, 2PM on our large screen. You can even dance to the song if you want! All we want is for you to enjoy!

Before heading into the warehouse for the screening of Kpop videos, remember to visit our various booths situated right outside the warehouse in the atrium!

Traditional Hanbok 한복 韓服

Visit our hanbok booth where you will have a chance to try on traditional Korean costumes and even take photos in them!


hanbok 1

A little history on Hanbok

Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterised by vibrant colours and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means “Korean clothing”, hanbok today often refers specifically to hanbok of Joseon Dynasty and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations. The modern hanbok does not exactly follow the actual style as worn in Joseon dynasty since it went through some major changes during the 20th century for practical reasons.

Want to know more about Hanbok? Join us at Korean Night Festival 5!



This year, we have exciting games booths stationed in the atrium featuring both traditional games as well as those frequently played in “Running Man”.

During past Korean Night Festivals, we had games like Yutnori 윷노리, Jegi Chagi 제기차기 and tuho 투호, etc.

Become the King of Ddakji (딱지왕) like Kim Jong Kook!
kjk ddakji

Play Alkkagi 알까기 with Yuri!
yuri alkkagi

Be careful of where you kick your Jegi Chagi 제기차기, Bora!
bora jegichagi

If you want to find out what games we have prepared for you in Korean Night Festival 5, join us by clicking here. See you there!


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