►► How do I purchase tickets to the event?

You can purchase your tickets from Daehan Education Centre. It is located directly opposite Kembangan MRT Station.
The address is: 18 Jalan Masjid, #02-06, Kembangan Plaza, Singapore 418944

Alternatively, you can place your orders at http://bit.ly/KNF5tickets and one of our volunteers can meet you to pass you the tickets.

►► How much are the tickets?

The tickets cost $19 per person.

►► What will the tickets entitle you to?

You will be able to participate in our Running Man games, try on the Hanboks, enjoy amazing performances, stand a chance to win a prize in our Lucky Draw and much more!

►► What else can I do if I am not participating in the Running Man games?

There will be other exciting activities going on in the Warehouse during the games period. This will be announced at a later date so watch out for this space! *_*

►► What is the program schedule?

Our booths and games period will be from 6pm – 730pm, followed by the performance period from 730pm – 10pm. However, if time allows, we might be opening the games booths earlier at 530pm~

►► Will food be provided?

Yes, however they will come in the form of snacks. Therefore, we would suggest for you to have something light prior to the festival.



►► How do I register for the Running Man games?

Just purchase a ticket for the festival and register online at http://bit.ly/KNF5runningman

You can also register on the day of the event, however we would advise you to register early as slots are limited!

►► What is the minimum number of members in team?

There should be a minimum number of 3 members in a team. However, if you don’t have enough members, fret not! Just let us know and we will match you with other teams on the day of the event:)

►► Will there be a tag-tearing segment?

As it is difficult to coordinate logistically and we do not want to disrupt operations at *SCAPE, there will be no tag tearing. Furthermore, with the large number of people involved, we are concerned about potential issues with regards to safety. Therefore, the Running Man games will come in the form of station games where teams can compete against each other! 🙂

►► Will the Running Man cast be coming to the event?

We would love to have the cast at our event, however as the festival is solely organized by Daehan Education Centre, we are in no way affiliated with the actual variety show:(

►► What is the minimum age requirement?

All ages above 7 years old are welcome to participate in our games, however we would generally advise against having children below 12 years old to play due to safety issues as some of the teams can be quite competitive. All children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

►► Where will the games be played?

All games will be played within Level 2 of *SCAPE. Teams will move from one games station to another within the same venue.

►► Will Running Man shirts be provided?

Although we won’t be providing Running Man shirts, feel free to come dressed in your own team shirts:)


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